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The Royal Bastards MC is a world where the authors connect timelines and characters. Below you'll find the list of Runs & Release Dates which is the best way to start reading RBMC.

Where Do I Start?

Royal Bastards MC

Reading Order

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Books that Launched RBMC:

Crimson Syn: A Biker for Christmas

Nikki Landis: The Biker's Gift

Glenna Maynard: The Biker's Kiss


Erin M Trejo: 1/7/2020: Blood Lust

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott: 1/14/2020: Bad Like Me

K Webster: 1/21/2020: Koyn

Esther E. Schmidt: 1/28/2020: Petros

Elizabeth Knox: 2/4/2020: Bet On Me

Glenna Maynard: 2/11/2020: Lady & the Biker

Madison Faye: 2/18/2020: Filthy Bastard

CM Genovese: 2/25/2020: Frozen Rain

J. Lynn Lombard: 3/3/2020: Blayze’s Inferno

Crimson Syn: 3/10/2020: Inked In Vengeance

B.b. Blaque: 3/17/2020: Rotten Apple

Addison Jane: 3/24/2020: Her Ransom

Izzy Sweet * Sean Moriarty: 3/31/2020: Broken Wings

Nikki Landis: 4/7/2020: Ridin’ For Hell

KL Ramsey: 4/14/2020: Savage Heat

M Merin: 4/21/2020: Axel

Sapphire Knight: 4/28/2020: Opposites Attract

Bink Cummings: 5/5/2020: Switch & Burn

Winter Travers: 5/12/2020: Playboy

Jax Hart: 5/26/2020: Desert King

Kristine Allen: 6/2/2020: Voodoo

Elle Boon: 6/9/2020: Royally Broken

Ker Dukey: 6/16/2020: Animal

KE Osborn: 6/23/2020: Defining Darkness

Shannon Youngblood: 6/30/2020: Silver & Lace

Khloe Wren: 8/18/2020: Blaze of Honor

Lucian Bane: 7/25/2022: Butterfly and Atlas


Kristine Allen, Author: 11/27/2020: A Very Venom Christmas

Crimson Syn: 12/4/2020: A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe

Elle Boon: 12/10/2020: A Royally Chosen Christmas

Nikki Landis: 12/17/2020: Papa Noel

Jamie Lombard: 12/25/2020: Capone’s Christmas


E.C. Land: 7/7/2020: Cyclone of Chaos

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbot: 7/14/2020: Ghoul

Scarlett Black: 7/21/2020: Ice

Elizabeth Knox 7/28/2020: Rely On Me

J.L. Leslie: 8/4/2020: Worth the Risk

Deja Voss Romance Author: 8/11/2020: Lean In

Misty Walker: 8/25/2020: Birdie’s Biker

J. Lynn Lombard: 9/1/2020: Capone’s Chaos

Ker Dukey: 8/8/2020: Rage

Crimson Syn: 9/15/2020: Scarred By Pain

M. Merin: 9/22/2020: Declan

Elle Boon: 9/29/2020: Royally Saved

Rae B. Lake: 10/6/2020: Death and Paradise

K Webster: 10/13/2020: Copper

Glenna Maynard: 10/20/2020: Tempting the Biker

K.L. Ramsey: 10/27/2020: Whiskey Tango

Kristine Allen: 11/3/2020: Angel

Nikki Landis: 11/10/2020: Devil’s Ride

KE Osborn: 11/17/2020: Luring Light

CM Genovese: 11/24/2020: Pipe Dreams

Nicole James: 12/1/2020: Club Princess

Shannon Youngblood: 12/8/2020: Leather & Chrome

Erin Trejo: 12/15/2020: Unbreak Me

Winter Travers: 12/22/2020: Six Gun

Jax Hart: 1/5/2021: Desert Rose 

Deja Voss: 1/26/2021: Diamond in the Rough

B.B. Blaque: 3/1/2021: Crucifixed


KL Ramsey: 2/2/2021: Can’t Fix Cupid

Crimson Syn:  2/5/2021: Quivering Heart

Glenna Maynard: 2/12/2021: Keeping the Biker

Misty Walker: 2/16/2021: Truly’s Biker

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott: 2/19/2021: Eternally Ginger

Nikki Landis: 2/23/2021: Bloody Mine



Glenna Maynard: 3/16/2021: A Biker’s Lucky Charm


Kristine Allen: 10/8/2021: Haunting Ghost

Morgan Jane Mitchell: 10/15/2021: Hallow’s Eve

Glenna Maynard: 10/22/21: Bewitching the Biker

Nikki Landis: 10/29/21: Grave Mistake


K.L. Ramsey: 12/10/2021: Patched for Christmas

Nikki Landis: 12/17/2021: The Biker’s Wish

Crimson Syn: 12/17/2021: The Enforcer’s Holiday Package

M. Merin: 12/24/2021: Snowed In


K.L. Ramsey: 7/6/2021: Ratchet’s Revenge

Chelle C . Craze & Eli Abbott: 7/13/2021: Cocked Hammer

Nikki Landis: 7/20/2021: Hell’s Fury

M. Merin: 7/27/2021: Diesel

Kristine Allen: 8/3/2021: Chains

KE Osborn: 8/10/2021: Seeking Shadows

Scarlett Black: 8/17/2021: River

Erin Trejo: 8/24/2021: Bleed for Me

Crimson Syn: 8/31/2021: Afflicted with Desire

J.Lynn Lombard: 9/7/2021: Torch’s Torment

Glenna Maynard: 9/14/2021: Taken by the Biker

K Webster: 9/21/2021: Dragon

Khloe Wren: 9/28/2021: Flood of Bravery

Rae B. Lake: 10/5/2021: Chaos and Paradise

Misty Walker: 10/12/2021: Bexley’s Biker

J.L. Leslie: 10/19/2021: Worth the Pain

Nicole James: 10/26/2021: Climbing the Ranks

Deja Voss: 11/9/2021: Steel Resurrection

Jessica Ames: 11/23/2021: Into the Flames

Ker Dukey: 11/27/2021: Carnage

B.B. Blaque: 12/7/2021: Southern Ballz

K.L. Savage: 12/14/2021: Raven

Shannon Youngblood: 12/21/2021: Sex and Candy

E.C. Land: 12/28/2021: Spiral into Chaos

Elle Boon: 1/11/2022: Royally Inked


KL Ramsey: 2/1/2022: Love at First Fight

Nikki Landis: 2/15/2022: Eternally Mine

Glenna Maynard: 2/22/2022: The Biker’s Cherry

Misty Walker: 2/25/2022: Riley's Biker

Crimson Syn: 2/28/2022: Soul Fire


Kristine Allen: 3/18/2022: Charming Phoenix

Morgan Jane Mitchell: 3/25/2022: Kissin Irish


BB Blaque: 5/3/2022: Royally Malevolent

Morgan Jane Mitchell: 5/10/2022: Royal Road

Crimson Syn: 5/17/2022: Wrecked from Malice

Glenna Maynard: 5/24/2022: Claiming the Biker

Liberty Parker: 5/31/2022: Property of Wrecker

Amy Davies: 6/7/2022: Fighting for Una

Addison Jane: 6/14/2022: His Rival

Erin Trejo: 6/21/2022: Trek

Misty Walker: 6/28/2022: Petra's Biker

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott: 7/5/2022: Wiley A.F.

K.L. Ramsey: 7/12/2022: Dizzy's Desire

Nikki Landis: 7/19/2022: Twisted Devil

Kristine Allen: 8/2/2022: Sabre

J. Lynn Lombard: 8/9/2022: Derange's Destruction

Nicole James: 8/30/2022: Keeping the Throne

Darlene Tallman: 8/31/2022: Brick's House

M Merin: 9/6/2022: Wolfman

India R. Adams: 9/13/2022: Praying for Thunder

Jessica Ames: 9/20/2022: Into the Dark

Elle Boon: 9/27/2022: Royally Judged

J.L. Leslie: 10/4/2022: Worth the Trouble

Kristine Dugger: 10/11/2022: Familiar Taste of Poison

Kathleen Kelly: 10/18/2022: Creed

K E Osborn: 10/25/2022: Alluring Abyss

Murphy Wallace: 11/1/2022: Injustice and Absolution

Ker Dukey: 11/8/2022: Havoc

Dani René: 11/15/2022: Monster


Kristine Allen: 9/30/2022: Taming Raptor

Crimson Syn: 10/7/2022: Belle Macabre

KL Ramsey: 10/14/2022: Possessing Demon

Morgan Jane Mitchell: 10/21/2022: Catchin' Levi

Nikki Landis Author: 10/28/2022: Haunting Chaos

HOLIDAY RELEASES 2022 - Coming Soon!

B.B. Blaque: 11/29/2022: Chemicals & Hormones

Dani René: 12/2/2022: Yule Tyed

KL Ramsey: 12/6/2022: Mistletoe & Mayhem

Glenna Maynard: 12/9/2022: Loving the Biker

Morgan Jane Mitchell: 12/13/2022: Pagan's X-Mas

Crimson Syn: 12/16/2022: The Winter Biker

Darlene Tallman: 12/20/2022: A Very Merry Brick-mas

Nikki Landis: 12/23/2022: Santa Biker

Kristine Allen: 12/27/2022: TBA

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