Royal Bastards MC Holiday Books

A Biker for Christmas by Crimson Syn

The Biker's Gift by Nikki Landis

The Biker's Kiss by Glenna Maynard

A Very Venom Christmas by Kristine Allen

A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe by Crimson Syn

A Royally Chosen Christmas by Elle Boon

Papa Noel by Nikki Landis

 Capone’s Christmas by J. Lynn Lombard

Can’t Fix Cupid by KL Ramsey

Quivering Heart: by Crimson Syn

Keeping the Biker by Glenna Maynard

Truly's Biker by Misty Walker

Eternally Ginger by Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott

Bloody Mine by Nikki Landis

A Biker’s Lucky Charm by Glenna Maynard

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