Welcome to the Royal Bastards where loyalty is King and Code is the only way to survive. This club is not for the weak-minded or easily disturbed. These 1%ers are vicious, ride hard, and love raw. Our stories are dark, cold-blooded, and created to trigger the best of you.

If you dare travel down our dark twisted roads, hold on tight!

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Participating Authors:
Erin Trejo

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott
K Webster
Esther E. Schmidt
Elizabeth Knox
Glenna Maynard
Madison Faye
CM Genovese
J. Lynn Lombard
Crimson Syn
B.B. Blaque
Addison Jane
Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty
Nikki Landis
KL Ramsey
Sapphire Knight
Bink Cummings
Winter Travers
Linny Lawless
Jax Hart
Elle Boon
Kristine Allen
Ker Dukey

K.E. Osborn
Shannon Youngblood

E.C. Land

Scarlett Black

J.L. Leslie

Deja Voss

Khloe Wren

Misty Walker

Rae B. Lake

Nicole James

Jessica Ames

K.L. Savage